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A study of the book of the prophet Jonah

Jonah: Text


Jonah 1

Jonah is a fun book, but it is a prophetic book written for adults. In chapter one, we meet Jonah—a man who is so consumed with his own sin that he endangers the life of the people around him. In this first message of the Jonah series, we look at Jonah’s flight from his calling, the storm at sea, and his final act of defiance in preferring to be thrown overboard than to go to Nineveh.

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Jonah 3

Jonah begrudgingly agrees to go to Nineveh and preaches the most ambiguous sermon in the whole Bible. This message of judgment evokes repentance throughout the wicked city. When God sees their repentance, he relents of the calamity he was going to bring. All this raises questions about God’s freedom, the nature of repentance, and the origin of God’s grace.

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Jonah 4

In this final message on Jonah, the prophet becomes angry that God has shown compassion to the Ninevites. He believes God should have a double standard—compassion and grace for his covenant people, and wrath and fury for everybody else. But Jonah is confronted with the fact that God is consistently gracious.

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