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During the 2020 Christmas season, we reflect on and prepare for the coming of Christ.

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Aching for God's Presence — Isaiah 64:1-9

The Christmas season is one of the busiest times of the year, and that busyness has the ironic power to crowd God out of our lives. So we begin the march toward Christmas by reflecting on a prayer for God to come and be present with his people once again.

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Preparing the Way for the Lord — Luke 3:1-18

We want to be prepared for the coming of Jesus into our own lives and at the end of time. John the Baptist is a useful model for us to that end, since he is one who prepares the way for the Lord.

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Ready or Not, Here He Comes — Luke 2:1-7

The Christmas story in the Gospel of Luke brings to mind three words: unprepared, unreceptive, and unassuming.

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